Investment Management

We focus on customized portfolios for our clients. We do not utilize cookie cutter asset allocations; rather, we build individualized portfolios for our clients.

We employ Arbor’s data driven investment analysis to build our client’s portfolio utilizing large cap, mid cap, small cap, REITS, alternatives, buffered notes, and fixed income and customize to our client’s goals.


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Buffered Notes

Client Portfolio


Client Portfolio


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Client Portfolio

Companies are increasingly global in nature.

We own individual companies in two portfolios, Global Brands – Growth and Global Brands – Value. The market capitalization of these companies may range from the very large companies to smaller companies. We may also own funds with exposure to international markets for both larger and small-mid-size companies.

Our process is transparent – and focused on serving you. We seek global brands and companies with increasing dividends. We seek companies that use their excess capital judiciously, and that benefit from big-picture economic themes. And we seek turnaround stories, too – companies that we believe are undervalued and on the precipice of a new echelon and continued growth.

Inclusion in Global Brands - Growth and Global Brands - Value is generally based on different criteria.


  • Long-Term Organic Global Revenue Growth
  • Growing Free Cash Flow and Dividend Growth
  • Long-Term Secular Trends
  • Brand Strength


  • Management Plan for Value Creation
  • Changes in Macro/Economic Factors
  • Dividend Yield
  • Brand Strength

A portfolio of equities and funds is selected from sub-sectors across global equity markets. We monitor market activity daily and may adjust portfolios at any time as events warrant.

  • Investment Strategy

    Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

    Real estate investment trusts are entities that own and manage income producing real estate. They distribute income from cash-flow to investors 

    We analyze REITs based on dividends strength, geographic diversity, financial health and debt levels. We monitor performance periodically and may adjust our portfolio as business conditions warrant. 

  • Investment Strategy

    Foundation: Fixed Income & Bonds

    Foundations is a fixed income and bond asset class that own individual securities with known maturity dates such as CD's, US Treasury bonds, investment grade and municipal bonds.

    While earning interest is an important factor, foundations is an asset class focused on return of capital and minimizing risk. Proceeds from maturing bonds and their interest are usually reinvested in foundations, but the funds may be withdrawn to meet the needs of the investor.

  • Investment Strategy


    Alternatives seek to gain in value from price movements in commodities, currencies, interest rates and trends in markets. Alternative investment types can include mutual funds & hedge funds. We evaluate all aspects of our alternative strategy by performing due diligence on investment vehicles.

    We examine fund performance, correlation with the broader markets, and alignment with Arbor's existing strategies. Investors with significant funds available for investment and who are fine with the illiquid nature of alternatives are an ideal fit for this investment class.

  • Investment Strategy

    Aggressive Income

    Low interest rates have resulted in the establishing of a strategy intended to supplement yields with our strategies for Foundations and Fixed Income, with diversification of income streams not seen in the aforementioned two categories.

    These funds may have exposure to real estate, interest rates or commodities. They may also use leverage as means to increase yields. While we view these funds as income oriented, return of capital is not assured as these funds may increase or decline in value.

  • Investment Strategy

    Structured Products

    Structured Products are financial instruments whose performance or value is linked to an underlying asset, product or index. Structured products can be constructed in such a way that the return of capital is the primary objective but the rate of return may be variable, contingent by the performance of pre-determined factors.

  • Investment Strategy

    Buffered ETFs

    Buffered ETFs are an exchange traded fund which allows for upside participation in the underlying asset. The upside participation is capped in return for a measure of downside protection from a change in value of the underlying asset.

Data-Driven Investing

No two clients are alike, and no two portfolios should be either. We customize asset allocations based on data – and your goals – to build your individualized portfolio.

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