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Matt Kolesky, CDAA

Principal & Investment Advisor Representative

Matt brings his experience as President at Arbor Capital to serve also as Director of Arbor Digital.

In 2010 Matt first explored Bitcoin by mining on his home computer. Later, he personally invested through the Mt. Gox exchange, which at the time was the world’s leading exchange for Bitcoin. After experiencing their collapse firsthand, Matt diversified into Ethereum, in 2016. In the subsequent years, he studied cryptocurrencies and the quickly evolving Defi space. In 2018 he turned his attention to bringing the transformative powers of these technologies to the Arbor Capital Investment Committee, and in turn to their clients. Recognizing the gap that currently exists for an elegant solution for advisors and their clients, to gain broad exposure to this emerging asset class, Arbor Digital was born in 2020.

Prior to joining Arbor Capital in 2004, Matt worked at the Anchorage office of Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. During his four-year tenure he became a licensed investment professional and piloted Schwab’s private client program offering.

Matt was born and raised in Alaska and has recently moved to Houston, Texas after spending 6 years in the UK. He regularly travels back to Alaska for work, family, and an occasional trip to Alyeska. He enjoys coaching, refereeing, and writing about soccer and volunteers his time with CampFire Alaska. While he still calls Alaska home, he enjoys exploring the globe with his family.

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Did you know we work with many of our clients completely virtually?

Whether you’re in Fort Lauderdale or Fairbanks – or anywhere in between – we’re happy to serve you outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar advisory relationship. Our clients can opt for virtual or in-person meetings as their needs require.