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US and International Stocks, Bonds, CD’s, REIT’s, Bitcoin, you name it – just about everything went up in the first half of 2019. During this time, the narrative from the Fed completely changed. In January, the two-year US Treasury note hit 2.62%. As we rolled into the second half of

Arbor Capital

Q1 2019 Update: The US economy is still the most robust and innovative economy in the world. Pockets of South Korea, Taiwan and Israel could probably make legitimate claims, but they are tiny in comparison and won’t move the needle globally in ways the US can. Equity Market /General Economic

Matt Kolesky

The plot thickens. Now the dirty, gritty work of sorting out what “Brexit” actually means for the UK and the 27 member nations of the EU begins. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, as a result of this vote, Britain doesn’t have to adopt a new currency. Everyone landing

Matt Kolesky

This is an update to our earlier post about Brexit. My hope is that it isn’t as underwhelming as Brexit turned out to be. Here is what we know about Brexit so far: The UK isn’t deporting anyone, the UK is still strong economically and can take pride in their

Matt Kolesky

The United States of America and England, or more broadly, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, have had a very successful long distance “Special Relationship.” War has been a factor in this relationship as we have fought against each other, and fought alongside each other. For the

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