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Q3 2019 Update: US Bond prices peaked in late August under the narrative that the US Federal Reserve will continue to lower rates and the discussion of negative rates in the US filled headlines. There was that inversion thing that showed up again for a few days. A full yield

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US and International Stocks, Bonds, CD’s, REIT’s, Bitcoin, you name it – just about everything went up in the first half of 2019. During this time, the narrative from the Fed completely changed. In January, the two-year US Treasury note hit 2.62%. As we rolled into the second half of

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Spring 2019 Update: The December 2018 equity market sell-off was expedient and to the point. After a strong rebound, the S&P 500 is now back within touching distance of all-time highs. In the US, this continues to be one of the least loved bull markets as most everyone is looking

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Q1 2019 Update: The US economy is still the most robust and innovative economy in the world. Pockets of South Korea, Taiwan and Israel could probably make legitimate claims, but they are tiny in comparison and won’t move the needle globally in ways the US can. Equity Market /General Economic

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The past two months have provided a good reminder about risk for all kinds of markets. First, volatility is back in the equity markets after hiding for all of 2017. Regardless whether the catalyst was the breakdown of a VIX exchange traded note (potentially front-run and punished by high frequency

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With people living longer lives and with the cost of health care increasing much faster than people’s ability to save, the need for some kind of funding mechanism for long-term health care is obvious. There are several ways to fund an extended care event: Long-term care insurance Government programs Self-funding

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