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When we’re not busy crafting financial plans for our clients, we’re voraciously researching and building investment strategies for them. In our spare time, we write articles on topics that matter to you.

Matt Kolesky

51.9% of the voters of the UK wanted out. I honestly don’t have a strong opinion about this issue and have enjoyed being on the ground in London during and …

Brexit Perspective on the Election Read More »

Matt Kolesky

The United States of America and England, or more broadly, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, have had a very successful long distance “Special Relationship.” War has …

Special Relationship and Taxes Read More »

Ty Schommer

I’m asked several times a week “are the markets are going to crash” or “are the markets rigged?” To go farther it should be asked, why do people feel the …

“Are the Markets Rigged?” Read More »

Matt Kolesky

I’m celebrating 23 years of marriage this week. Yes, it is a celebration as I am still very happily married and it is worthy of celebrating as those digits have …

What is the Best Way to Manage Risk? Read More »

Matt Kolesky

On a recent flight I pulled the monthly airline magazine out and flipped it open. I had been searching for inspiration to write and it was serendipity. James Ashton, writer …

The “New Corporation” Read More »

Matt Kolesky

In the German legend from the 1500’s, Dr. Faust is said to have made a deal with Mephistopheles, the devil’s wing man, to trade in eternal life for all knowledge …

What Would Faust Do? Read More »

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